7 Most Common CPAP Machine Side Effects (and Ways to Avoid Them)

CPAP therapy is taken into consideration the gold-general in treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), because it’s safe, non-invasive, and– most importantly– effective. But as with any remedy alternatives, it does come with the dangers of aspect effects.

The aspect outcomes of CPAP use are generally slight, but they may be stressful sufficient to make a few human beings surrender on their sleep apnea remedy. Thankfully, these signs and symptoms are also smooth to deal with, so before you surrender on CPAP strive out the solutions underneath.

We’ve compiled the maximum not unusual problems related to CPAP use, and the ways to restore or keep away from them!

CPAP Side Effects and Solutions
1. Nasal Congestion
One of the most commonplace facet effects related to CPAP therapy is congestion or infection of the nasal passages. This can include the emotions of stuffy nose, runny nose, a burning sensation, or nosebleeds.

Nasal congestion is because of the float of dry, pressurized air through the sinuses, and can be especially common for people with common sinus infections.

How to Avoid It

For quick time period comfort, try a nasal saline spray to moisturize your nasal passages.
For long term care you should keep in mind the use of a bipap machine. Humidification provides moisture in your airflow to relieve dryness and soothe inflammation. For introduced relief, a heated humidifier lightly warms the air because it moisturizes, for a extra herbal feel.
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2. Dry Mouth
Waking up with dry mouth or a dry throat normally takes place to mouth breathers and, like nasal congestion, it’s as a result of respiration dry, pressurized air.

Though it’s more commonplace in folks that use a complete face mask, it could also take place to folks who use a nasal pillow masks or nasal mask, due to “mouth leak.” Mouth leak takes place when you sleep together with your mouth open and your air stress escapes out of your open mouth while exhaling.

How to Avoid It

No rely what type of mask you prefer, a CPAP humidifier will upload moisture to soften your airflow.
If you use a nasal pillow mask or nasal mask, do not forget additionally the usage of a chinstrap. CPAP chinstraps lightly keep your mouth closed at the same time as slumbering, and are designed to be used along side your CPAP device.
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three. Dry Eyes

If you awaken to dry eyes it’s a sure sign of a mask leak. The escaping air blows throughout your face, drying your eyes while you sleep. You won’t even note, as the amount of leakage can exchange with your sleeping function in the course of the night time.

How to Avoid It

Before some thing else, make certain your mask fits well. Readjust the in shape while lying in your preferred sound asleep role, due to the fact your face shape changes while you lay down.
Make sure your headgear isn’t too free or too tight. It’s apparent how free straps can allow air to escape, but an excessively tight match can also reason leaks by using stopping your cushion from sealing properly.
If your sort of mask calls for your cushion to inflate, maintain it slightly above your face to provide it time to build up CPAP stress.
If your masks nevertheless leaks after refitting, it can be time to replace it. To maintain your sleep remedy effective you ought to update your cushions each 2-four weeks, your mask frame every 3 months, and your headgear each 6 months.
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4. Bloating, Burping, and Gas
With better strain settings comes the threat of swallowing air– a circumstance referred to as ‘aerophagia’. When the flow of non-stop superb airway pressure becomes difficult to breathe in opposition to, it is able to emerge as redirecting into your esophagus. Symptoms of aerophagia are bloating, burping, belly ache, and passing fuel.

How to Avoid It

Talk in your health practitioner or sleep specialist approximately adjusting your stress settings. You need to by no means try to regulate your strain settings without the supervision of a health practitioner or sleep professional.

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five. Difficulty Exhaling
While most CPAP customers regulate well to their remedy, a few human beings can also locate it tough to exhale in opposition to the continuous go with the flow of air. This can result in the feeling of shortness of breath even though sufficient air is authorized.

How to Avoid It

First, attempt your CPAP device’s exhalation relief settings. This is commonly referred to as EPR, A-Flex, C-Flex, or SmartFlex. No depend what it’s known as, it reduces the stress of your airflow at some point of exhalation.
Talk in your physician or sleep professional about adjusting your strain settings. You should by no means try to regulate your stress settings without the supervision of a medical doctor or sleep specialist.

Ask your health practitioner approximately switching to an APAP gadget. APAPs, or AutoCPAP machines, use superior algorithms to display your breathing pattern and modify your pressure in keeping with your desires.
In a few cases, your physician may additionally suggest the usage of a BiPAP gadget. BiPAPs, or Bi-Level CPAPs, provide two exceptional strain settings. A higher strain for the duration of inhalation offers you the help you want to prevent apnea, at the same time as a lower pressure at some stage in exhalation permits a more natural respiration sample.
6. Skin Irritation and Acne
Your CPAP mask can acquire skin oils, lifeless pores and skin cells, and sweat even as you sleep, that could lead to the increase of germs and bacteria. This increase can motive skin infection, rash, pimples, and sores.

How to Avoid It

It’s important to regularly wash your CPAP mask with soap and water, and replace your cushions each 2-four weeks. Even with normal cleansing, micro-tears within the silicone or foam can collect germs over time.
Mask liners and mask gel can help save you the increase of sweat and skin oil, whilst additionally supporting to sell a proper mask seal.
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7. Claustrophobia
New CPAP users might also find it tough to regulate to the sensation of wearing a CPAP mask and tubing. This is in particular actual for people who require a complete face masks. While the feeling generally is going away with time and practice, it may make it difficult to get into the addiction of often using your CPAP system.

How to Avoid It

Introduce your self to CPAP remedy gradually via the use of it at the same time as unsleeping for short durations of time. Then try placing your CPAP mask on (with your CPAP tool turned on) while studying or looking TV in mattress.
Consider switching to a nasal pillow masks or nasal masks, which have a smaller profile and a much broader area of vision.
If you require a complete face masks remember a minimum-touch design, just like the ResMed AirFit F30 or the DreamWear Full Face masks.
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While the viable facet effects of CPAP use aren’t usually dangerous, they can be the reason why some people surrender on their sleep therapy altogether. That’s why comfort capabilities and CPAP accessories are more than just luxurious objects– they can mean the distinction between giving up and getting an excellent night time’s sleep.

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